Join us 9-12 May 2024 in Warsaw for a pure Collegiate Shag experience!
Prepare to be drenched in sweat and inspired by our phenomenal lineup of teachers: Fancy & Stephen, Egle & Arnas, Charlotte & Jordan, Cherry & Filip,  and Kasia & Michal!

Dance your shoes off and sweat your clothes off with our mind-blowing bands: The Big Five, Mermaid Swing Band, and The Cajun Spices!

See you in Warsaw! 

full pass - 210
Saturday & Sunday classes (7h)
Thursday,Friday, Saturday & Sunday parties
€5 discount for elective classes
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Party pass - 90
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday parties
Elective classes payed separately
Grab this pass!
single party
Thursday - €5
Friday - €35
Saturday - €45
Sunday - €20
Rock (one) Party!
Elective Classes
Steve Sayer - The Roach (Solo Soul) • €30
Sandy Lewis - 50/50 Following • €30
Kaja Gumińska & Konrad Czechowski - Dips and Tricks in Shag • €30
Sophie Skaneby & Niomi McSorley - How to Improve Your Connection and Flow?• €30
Get inspired!
Strictly Shag
Entry: €30/couple
Contest for couples
ADv. Shag'n'Jill
Entry: €15
Mix and Match format
Open Shag'n'Jill
Entry: €15
Mix and Match format
Entry: free
Tap-out format

If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process, levels or the festival in general, drop us a line!

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